Eat Stop Eat Weight Loss Program Review

We've decided to take the work out of reading through the entire weight loss program so that you can save time and decide if it's appropriate for you. Let's get to the heart of the Eat-Stop-Eat strategy. What can it offer the informed dieter?

Eat Stop Eat Review

What to expect from the program This is a thoroughly well-rounded nutritional plan in the arena of intermittent fasting for weight-loss. “Fasting?” You might be saying. “That sounds a tad extreme.” Fortunately, fasting isn't the same thing as starvation. In fact, put any negative connotations out of your mind. This program will delight and surprise you.

Eat-Stop-Eat deals with metabolic fasting, which, if done according to the plan outlined is fairly simple and considerably less demanding than conventional programs. And if you're a compulsive serial-dieter like many people today, it may offer a final escape from the trap of weight cycling. The program couldn't come at a better time either. Intermittent fasting is moving into mainstream of medical science, and it's easy to see why.

Sidestepping Weight Cycling Purgatory

Weight cycling is the fate of 98% of people who start diets. No matter how well-intentioned, the vast majority of people never reach their goal weight. Dieters ultimately “yo-yo” right back to their original state. This is because the body naturally rejects sudden changes in the kind of food we eat. Over the decades, the vast majority of diets have asked the question “What should you eat?” rather than “When should you eat it?” The result is that most folks become obsessed with their caloric intake and over-complicate an already stressful process. Dietary shocks of that kind also represent a kind of stress to our bodies which isn't normal for anyone.

A More Natural Course

On the other hand, fasting is an ancient and natural method of providing your body a chance to lose weight by itself. At no time in our human history has food been as readily available as it is to the consumer of today.

The fasting dealt with in this guide comes from a place of scientific research. So, you've been a victim of the “yo-yo effect,” there's a good chance it'll deal with the problem of excess fat by going with, rather than against the grain of your body's natural metabolic cycle. This is a gradual and fluid process which you don't need to rush into head-long.

It's likely that you'll also notice other significant health benefits which come from fasting, including better sleep, a healthier immune system and even improved vision. These are all dealt with in the introductory section of the book, but generally they come down to reduced inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the cause behind most, if not all chronic diseases, including obesity.

Eat Stop Eat Inside E-BooK Partial Table Of Content

Eat Stop Eat Inside E-BooK Partial Table Of Content

How Does the Program Actually Work?

The essential idea behind Eat-Stop-Eat is simple. The body runs on glycogen reserves which are provided whenever you eat. If you haven't eaten in some time, your body tends to seek alternative sources of energy. Usually this comes in the form of body-fat.

In other words, fasting burns away fat, but this largely takes place at certain times of the day.

The good news is you'll have more flexibility in what you eat. You will, however have to engage in some form of exercise to see optimal results. Pleasingly, this can be either light or intense, depending on your requirements.

Exercise and Fasting

So how does one fast while exercising? Proper fasting methods and exercising actually work hand in hand. It turns out there's a right and wrong way to do this though, and you don't have to risk fainting or blacking out to achieve it. The introductory section explains that far from having less energy, you're likely to feel more perked up and more invigorated because your metabolism is being stimulated to work for rather than against you.

The introductory guide and the program that follows are vital if you're considering this approach to weight-loss. You should note that DIY fasting can damage your metabolism. This is an invaluable guide to losing weight using your body's natural resources, and in a way that won't negatively impact your health.

Fasting and Health in General

The information provided in the introduction was pretty refreshing in its scope. Most people are unaware, for instance, that fasting has many of the same benefits on the brain as exercise. Fasting isn't a promoted area of study in the public space, despite the fact that our ancestors benefited from the shortages of food in the past. We live in the age of “lazy metabolism” where our metabolism is forcibly slowed because of constantly available food.

One of the reasons why big pharma and food companies are silent when it comes to investigating its advantages. Another obvious one is that they won't be able to sell the increasing quantities of drugs and food to the public. For that same reason, fasting is often discouraged by many well-meaning doctors and popular websites.

Fasting your way to a better Metabolism

The main program deals with metabolic fasting and all the “do's” and “dont's” involved. Fortunately there's a healthy way to ride the wave of your metabolism that doesn't result in starvation. Dealing with scientifically studied techniques, rather than hearsay, this main part of the program provides some easy but important ground-rules.

Our Conclusion

Fasting for dietary reasons isn't what most people think it is. For instance, anywhere between 6 and 10 hours before we awake in the mornings, our bodies are naturally undergoing a state of prolonged food abstinence. Sleeping is fasting in other words, and this is just one of the natural biological cycles Eat-Stop-Eat teaches you to use to your advantage (through exercise).

So if you're looking for a natural way to lose weight, Eat-Stop-Eat comes highly recommended. With it's scientific approach, the ancient practice of fasting allows “dieters” and nutritionists alike to use intermittent fasting effectively. As for the negatives; it's possible to eliminate or drastically reduce them so general health is also improved.

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